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Basic Car Engine Maintenace Tips

You want the engine of your car in good running condition all the time. It requires proper maintenance to make it happen. Here are some basic engine maintenance tips you can follow.

Know basic car maintenance

Check drive belts. The drive belt generates power to run the vehicle wheels and other parts and accessories. However, these belts come in rubber or other polymers material, which means they will wear out at some point in time. Over time, drive belts will lose their integrity and degrade, so it is crucial to check these belts periodically. Check for noticeable hairline cracks or any change in their robustness. While there recommended time and mileage to check the belts, it is best to inspect them more often. At some time have it included in your car maintenance, this can help avoid costly repairs of a damaged belt.

Check oil levels. The engine should have clean, sufficient oil to allow mechanical moving parts work smoothly. Checking your engine’s oil level is a significant part of basic car maintenance. It’s quite easy to check the oil level. Find the oil dipstick, pull it out, and see the oil level. Also, an oil change is necessary, and your owner’s manual has the record when to change your engine oil. 

Check engine coolant level. The engine generates heat. The radiator helps the engine get rid of this generated heat. It is how the engine coolant work. It prevents engine overheating. Include engine coolant level check as part of your car maintenance checklist before you hit the road. If you cannot find the engine coolant reservoir in your car, check your manual.

Change the engine air filter. The engine air filter allows the efficient performance of your engine. Clogged engine air filter causes poor engine performance. It is for this reason that your engine air filter should be checked and replaced if necessary. While the owner’s manual recommends the ideal time to replace the air filter, it is best to check the filter from time to time.